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DSI 09.07.13

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Сервер FarCry 1.4

Адрес: farcry.su
Игроков: 0
Карта: mp_air_assault
Тип игры: Assault
Время игры: 30 мин.
Режим сервера: LAN
Провайдер: SUMTEL
TeamSpeak2 farcry.su
TeamSpeak farcry.su
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FarCry 3
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FarCry Ubisoft services temporarily Offline
Hey, FarCry Community!

As many of you have seen yet, the Ubisoft services are currently down since 1 or 2 Days.
That's why we would like to inform you, that many server admins have changed they servers to be visible in the LR-Serverlist. This allows you to play FarCry while the Ubisoft Services are offline.

Play FarCry while Ubisoft services are Down...

If you haven't got the FarCry LR-Extension installed, you may not be able to join these server, or even know which are the once which changed.
So if you haven't got the LR-Extension than take a look to the following Tutorial, which will explain you step by step how to install and configure it, to finally can start FarCry, join a server and play: http://forum.farc...6&t=15

If you are a LR-User yet, than just start up your Game, and go to the "Internet (LR)" serverlist, and connect onto one of the available servers.
All current available Servers on the LR-Serverlist are listed here: http://farcrylrad...erverlist/

If you got any problems or you need Support/Help, than just visit our Forums: http://forum.farc.../index.php


In case you got any problems with the LR-Extension, than take a look into our F.A.Q page, maybe your problem is already known and got a solution: http://forum.farc...70ac12aa60

Server Admins

In case you are a ServerAdmin, and you would like to Configure and Register your server to the LR-Serverlist to allow other people to join your Server, than just take a look to the following thread, which will tell you step by step how to configure/register your FarCry server: http://forum.farc...2&t=18

Your LR-Team
The Community is the power!
PS: If you answer on that post, please use English, otherwise we will not be able to help you in any case.
Thanks Krieger, I'll translate your article to Russian as soon as possible.
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[off] 08-11-2019 16:32
Hello dikiy48 Улыбчивый To play on the gameserver you see for example on TrackBase. You need Patch 1.40 and LRv3. More infos at farcrylraddon.de

[off] 06-11-2019 22:20
разобрался )))

[off] 06-11-2019 20:49
Адрюха , как зайти в игру ?

[off] 27-10-2019 22:33
Hello dikiy48 Улыбчивый That sounds great. Take a look on farcry-wars.com, there are still some unfilled teams Улыбчивый You can join whatever Team or create a Team with your Friends. Its a 3vs3 Tournament Улыбчивый

[off] 27-10-2019 21:58
and hey, I don't mind playing Усмехающийся

[off] 25-10-2019 02:11
Hello guys Улыбчивый Some best regards and news on your Forums Улыбчивый Get active again and lets play some FarCry? Maybe join the upcoming multiplayer Tournament? Улыбчивый

[off] 25-03-2019 20:03
спасибо Улыбчивый

[off] 25-03-2019 16:45
Саня, dikiy48 с Днюхой! drinks

[off] 25-03-2019 16:44
Саня, dikiy48 с Днём рождения!

[off] 07-01-2019 00:15
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